Taking a break


Dear readers,

I need to take a break from chronicling our hike, until after I finish the tour I am on. This weekend, Tom Rozum and I are playing in Tucson, AZ, and on Monday we fly out to Raleigh, NC, for the International Bluegrass Music Convention. There, we’l be joined by Kathy Kallick, with Patrick Sauber and Ira Gitlin, to play songs from Kathy’s and my new CD, “Laurie & Kathy Sing the Songs of Vern & Ray.” Then, on Friday, it’s back to San Francisco, and a weekend with the Right Hands at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park. Whew! I need to tear my mind away from the high country. I will resume the blog on October 6. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. What a great blog effort Mz. Lewis and Wheeler.

    What a hike!!! Wow.

    Enjoyed every pic, word, thought . . . tried to find maps to follow your routes, was ok up thru Sally Keyes Lakes. Then, can’t find a single thing . . . I have been thru Mono Creek Hot Springs, crossed Thomas Edison Lake and Florence lakes in ferry boats, been up at the crest out of Cortwright and Wishon Reservoirs. Hiked south and east of Wishon to the tip of Kings Canyon Park. Hell For Sure Pass, can’t find Selden Pass, and can’t find Evolution Basin and Muir Pass to suit me, on maps that I googled. But I know I’ve been to a few places you two went, after Sally Keyes. Never did get up Muir Pass tho.

    What a story, can’t wait for more, Mz. Lewis thanks for the music and keep on picking and singing, please. Mz. Wheeler, I’ll look for your missives on resogit email list, cba posts and more. Thanks to both of you for sharing this trip, it brings back HUGE memories of the times I roamed the High Sierra. Wonderful times.


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